Guernsey Open 2020

The Guernsey Bar Billiards Pairs Open will be held on Saturday 2nd May and Singles Open, Sunday 3rd May 2020, at Les Rocquettes Hotel.

Entry Form

Singles & Pairs Knockout 2019/20


First games to be played on 22nd October 2019

8:00pm - Matt Wilcox vs. Darren Pipet @ Fontainne
8:45pm - Gary Naftel vs. Ian Champion @ Fontainne
9:30pm - Ashley Harrison vs. Shaun Broughton @ Fontainne

8:00pm - Paul Le Gallez vs. Mat Ogier @ West Legion
8:45pm - Tom Oliver vs. Ben Wilding @ West Legion

8:00pm - Leon Ogier vs. Paul Dyer @ Hampshire

8:00pm - Norman Wilkinson vs. Andy Rundle @ Rangers
8:45pm - Bob Le Moignan vs. Rodney Smith @ Rangers

8:00pm - Trevor Gallienne vs. Terry Kenny @ Ex Service
8:45pm - Darren Ogier vs. Roy Le Page @ Ex Service
9:30pm - Geoff Ogier vs. Luke Oliver @ Ex Service

Steve Carre (bye)


First games to be played on 3rd December 2019

8:00pm - Norman Wilkinson & Andy Rundle vs. Ben Wilding & Ashley Harrison @ Hampshire
9:20pm - Bob Le Moignan & Luke Oliver vs. Trevor Gallienne & Rodney Smith @ Hampshire

8:00pm - Tom Oliver & Karl Ogier vs. Roy Le Pager & Terry Kenny @ Rangers
9:20pm - Ian Champion & Shaun Broughton vs. Mat Ogier & Paul Dyer @ Rangers

8:00pm - Leon Ogier & Steve Carre vs. Darren Pipet & Paul Le Gallez @ West Legion

Matt Wilcox & Darren Ogier (bye)

Fixture Sheets

Winter League 2019/20

The winter league will be kicking off on Septermber 10th.